Indigenous communities and energy efficiency

We are partnering with Indigenous communities to help them save energy.

Indigenous Energy Efficiency Program

A dedicated energy efficiency specialist works with the Band Housing Manager from each Indigenous community to identify qualifying homes and recommend energy efficient measures.

Energy saving measures may include insulation and basic energy efficiency upgrades:

  • LED light bulbs;
  • insulated pipe wrap;
  • draft proofing;
  • faucet aerators;
  • low-flow showerheads.

We can provide community members with training to do the upgrades. Energy saving seminars can be arranged to provide community members with information and tips on what they can do to make their communities more energy efficient.

Community Geothermal Program

Through the Community Geothermal Program Indigenous community members are engaged in being active participants in reducing their energy consumption. This is achieved through training local businesses on how to install and maintain geothermal heat pump systems while providing homeowners with convenient and affordable financing through Pay As You Save (PAYS) Financing.

Aki Energy, a non-profit social enterprise group, is the main contact point for Indigenous communities seeking to use the Community Geothermal Program. In addition to helping the communities identify opportunities for geothermal technology use, Aki Energy also trains community members on how to install and maintain these systems.


  • local economic benefits through job and business creation;
  • little to no upfront capital costs are required to install the geothermal heat pump systems by using PAYS Financing;
  • increased customer support as local businesses are trained to install and maintain the equipment;
  • lower energy consumption for homeowners.

For more information about the program, call 204-480-5900, 1-888-624-9376 (outside of Winnipeg), or email us.