Distribution supply centres

Distribution supply centres (DSC) are smaller, more compact versions of traditional substations. Our DSC technology has advantages over traditional substations in rural and suburban settings:

  • less obtrusive on the landscape;
  • less time to build;
  • more cost-effective.

Since the first DSC was installed in 2001, the technology has been used at more than 45 sites across the province.

La Salle Distribution Supply Centre Project

The La Salle DSC was built in 2017 to serve the growing demand for energy in the community, as well as to improve reliability of electricity service in the area.

The DSC was built north of La Salle, along with line work along almost 8 km of roadway. We replaced aging infrastructure and added new infrastructure for 3 km along Vouriot Road, and built 5 km of new line along Provincial Road #330.