ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a free, online energy benchmarking tool that provides a number of benefits to users. Offered by Natural Resources Canada, Portfolio Manager tracks a building’s historical and current energy use and allows comparisons with similar buildings across Canada. For more information about Portfolio Manager visit the Natural Resources Canada Energy Benchmarking website.

Manitoba Hydro offers a free service that automatically uploads energy consumption data directly to your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account.


  • helps identify opportunities for energy efficient improvements that will reduce operating costs;
  • tracks energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • compares the measured performance of a facility to itself, its peers, or established norms;
  • accounts for changes in climate and location when comparing facilities;
  • provides a 1 to 100 ENERGY STAR® score for eligible building types;
  • provides numerous reporting and target setting functions;
  • quantifies the impact of energy projects in a facility and monitors them over time;
  • helps gain recognition through building certifications from:
    • Canada Green Building Council (LEED);
    • Buildings Owners and Managers Association (BOMA Best).

How to take part

  • Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to create your account.
  • Follow the steps in our Getting started in Portfolio Manager guide (PDF, 238 KB). You will need your Manitoba Hydro account number, meter number(s), and basic building data to set up your properties and connect with Manitoba Hydro Web Services.

For questions about setting up automatic data upload, contact us.