Religious buildings initiative

Community programs, day care operations, and attached residences can add to energy costs in religious facilities. We provide religious facilities with information, expertise, and financial support to reduce their energy costs.

Improve building energy efficiency and design new structures to energy efficiency standards to achieve long-term solutions to energy costs.

We offer an audit that compares your facility to other similar facilities, and a loan to assist customers in carrying out some of the recommendations identified in the building assessments.

All religious buildings are eligible to apply for Energy Efficiency for Business programs. To qualify for financial incentives, we must pre-approve each project prior to any equipment or materials being purchased or installed.

Religious buildings loan

This loan provides on-bill financing through the Energy Finance Plan for upgrades to gas and electrical systems.

Financing information

  • borrow up to $5,000.00 per religious building;
  • minimum allowable loan amount is $500;
  • maximum financing term is 5 years;
  • minimum monthly payment is $15;
  • current interest rate is 6.75%;
  • no down payment required;
  • work must be performed by a qualified electrician or a licensed contractor who is a participant in the Energy Finance Plan;
  • credit approval must be pre-arranged;
  • loan becomes due and payable when the building is sold; the loan is not transferable;
  • financing is not eligible for buildings under construction, unoccupied, or projects in progress or already completed.

For more information contact the Energy Expert.