Energy efficiency screening studies

Energy efficiency screening studies are offered to address overall energy efficiency potential and to identify specific electric and natural gas energy saving opportunities within an industrial or commercial facility.

These studies are currently being included as part of our basic customer service at no charge to the customer.


These studies promote a systems approach rather than a component approach when projects are evaluated for energy efficiency.

A systems approach recognizes that opportunities for energy savings occur in both the supply side (equipment and controls) and the demand side (distribution network and end uses) of a system.

Energy efficiency screening studies can provide your facility with many related benefits that include:

  • analysis of existing electric and natural gas consumption patterns and trends;
  • benchmarking energy consumption to industry averages;
  • walk-through energy assessment to identify and inventory major points of energy consumption;
  • end-use energy breakdown of the facility;
  • identifying and prioritizing potential energy saving opportunities.

These studies provide direction and referral to the various investigation and implementation incentives available from Manitoba Hydro.

How to take part

This form contains some of the information that we need to perform an energy efficiency screening or scoping audit at your facility. By providing information about your facility, operating conditions, and equipment prior to the site visit, we will be able to maximize the time spent looking for opportunities.

If you currently have equipment inventory data in spreadsheets or mechanical schedules, attach this information for our review. Have this information readily available during the site visit.

Contact us to submit the form and to make arrangements for us to visit your facility.

In order to participate and realize the full benefit of this service, we recommend that the facility identify staff members who will be available during site visits to answer facility/processing equipment operations and scheduling questions.

Energy Efficiency Lean Program

Lean is a service offered to companies who have adopted lean manufacturing principles.

The goal of this service is to increase the energy efficiency of a facility. We do this by working with lean manufacturers to provide continuous facility-wide energy services that capitalize on the synergies between lean manufacturing and energy management.

The Energy Efficiency Lean Program can:

  • assist with the identification of energy wastes (typically completed within the scope of an Energy Efficiency Screening Study);
  • capture energy savings associated with other facility lean manufacturing initiatives;
  • assist with the application of lean tools, such as value stream mapping or a Kaizen Blitz, to an energy intensive process.

For more information contact us.