Demonstration projects

As part of our Bioenergy Optimization Program we developed bioenergy demonstration projects with real-world applications that will enhance the operational efficiencies of several Manitoba industrial and agricultural businesses. The demonstration projects received funding from the government of Canada’s Clean Energy Fund and will raise the profile of bioenergy technologies within the province.


Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Pineland Forest Nursery and Community Power Corporation to develop a Syngas Demonstration Project at Hadashville, Manitoba.

Syngas is a low energy content combustible gas produced by a thermal chemical process known as gasification. For the demonstration, a BioMax 100 micro-gasification combined heat & power (CHP) system was installed adjacent to the nursery’s biomass-fuelled hot water boiler. The system is fuelled by waste wood from nearby sources. Electricity from the system is delivered to the nursery’s electrical distribution and heat recovered from the system is delivered to a heat storage tank and eventually the nursery’s greenhouse. The micro-gasification system will reduce Pineland’s electricity and heating costs while improving environmental performance.

Waste heat

Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Spruce Products Limited and Waste Gas Power to develop a Waste Heat Demonstration Project at Spruce Products’ lumber sawmill in Swan River, Manitoba.

Waste heat is a widely available and untapped energy resource that can be harnessed for the production of clean energy. For the demonstration, a GE Energy Clean Cycle 125 Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generator was installed, adjacent to the mill’s waste wood fired boilers. Excess low pressure steam from the boilers was used to fuel the ORC system. Spruce Products normally disposes excess waste wood from their operations. With the ORC system, they reduce their electricity purchases by approximately 15% annually and avoid incinerating the excess wood wastes.