How to take part

  • Contact one of our energy services advisors and request a pre-feasibility study for your facility. A visit from our technical expert will be scheduled to complete a pre-feasibility study at no cost. The study will provide you with various options to explore.
  • If a promising option exists, complete a project feasibility study application and proposal. Once we have approved the application, you may hire a professional engineer or consultant to investigate the option.
  • Submit the completed feasibility study and supporting documentation to us to receive your feasibility study incentive.
  • If a technically and financially viable project exists, submit a project implementation application and proposal to us. Once we have signed a project agreement, you can proceed with the design, procurement and installation of the biomass-to-energy conversion system.
  • Once the biomass-to-energy conversion system is ready for final commissioning, notify us, gather any outstanding documentation, and schedule a final inspection. Upon approval of the final inspection by our technical expert, your incentive payment will be processed and payments made according to the project agreement.
  • Annual reviews of the biomass-to-energy conversion system will be completed by our technical expert and the facility operator. The reviews will ensure the system operates at a high level of performance and that the project benefits are realized. Any deficiencies can be identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Annual review

For the first 5 years, annual reviews are required to ensure the project is achieving the anticipated level of performance and that the equipment is being properly operated and maintained.