We offer incentives to help offset project evaluation costs and the capital investment required to install a biomass-to-energy conversion system, as well as technical support.

Feasibility study incentive

Feasibility studies help evaluate whether a viable project exists. They examine the fuel, conversion technology, emissions, operational and maintenance aspects of projects, as well as the associated costs and benefits.

Feasibility study costs are eligible for a financial incentive of 50% of the initial $10,000 and 25% of the remaining cost, to a maximum incentive of $15,000.

Implementation incentive

Capital costs associated with the design, purchase, and installation of biomass-to-energy conversion equipment are eligible for the incentive.

Incentive amounts are based on 15¢ per kWh for annual electricity reduction and 30¢ per cubic metre for annual equivalent natural gas reduction. The incentive will not exceed 50% of the eligible project costs or a maximum incentive of $1,000,000 on electrical load reductions and $250,000 on natural gas load reductions.