Building Envelope Program

We provide financial incentives for eligible upgrades to insulation, windows, doors, and curtain walls in commercial buildings. Read about incentives available for eligible upgrades.

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Read the Building Envelope Program Guide (PDF, 2.3 MB)

You must apply for pre-approval before you install any building envelope measures. A participating registered contractor, installer, vendor, or consultant may work with you to submit your application. Suppliers that are not registered can submit a form to sign up.


  • reduced heating, cooling, and maintenance costs;
  • increased occupant comfort;
  • reduced condensation and moisture;
  • improved indoor air quality;
  • reduced emissions output.

Step 1

Online application

Before you apply online, print, complete, and scan the Customer Acknowledgement, all applicable incentive forms or supplier quotes:

You must have all the required information and supporting documents before you apply for pre-approval. Save all documents into a single folder. All attachments must be uploaded at the same time in the application.

Step 2

Apply for pre-approval

Once you have completed all forms or gathered all supplier quotes from Step 1, you can apply for pre-approval. You must include:

  • legal business name and contact information;
  • customer mailing address for the Customer Acknowledgement and online application;
  • project site address;
  • Manitoba Hydro account number of the project site;
  • contractor, installer, vendor, or consultant contact information;
  • proposed project start and completion date;
  • Customer Acknowledgement form;
  • project plans (optional): assembly/incentive summary forms, copies of quotes, product specifications, building and/or product shop drawings; and/or site plan.

Apply for pre-approval

If you’d prefer a paper application, contact us.

After you apply

Once you have submitted a complete application, your project will be reviewed for program eligibility and pre-approval. We will contact you for any missing information.

Incomplete applications will delay your pre-approval.

Step 3

Project pre-approval

We will send you a pre-approval notice for your project if it meets our criteria. Your contractor/installer may begin work after you receive this notice.

We may request a site verification during construction or after the work has been completed.

Keep track of your project’s CBEP submission requirements (PDF, 89 KB).

5–10 business days after we have received your completed application.

Step 4

Project completion

Once your project is complete, submit:

We cannot issue your incentive cheque unless all forms have been completed and submitted. Failure to do so will delay payment.

Step 5

Incentive payment

After your building envelope measures are installed and operational, and we have received all completion documentation, we will review and process your incentive.

15–30 business days after we have received your completion documentation.

If you have any questions, contact the Commercial Building Envelope Program.