Curtain wall system

A non-load-bearing exterior wall typically composed of vertical and horizontal framing members is known as a curtain wall. Generally, curtain wall systems have a significantly longer service life than punched or in-fill window systems, making replacing or retrofitting an existing curtain wall system a long-term investment.


  • energy savings from reduced heating and cooling load;
  • reduction in air leakage;
  • improved thermal performance of building envelope;
  • a cohesive, modern building aesthetic;
  • potential for increased daylight in the work or living environment;
  • increased property value;
  • increased comfort and functional space near windows.

The incentives available through the Building Envelope Program are designed to help businesses offset the cost of improving their curtain wall systems. Once the decision has been made to replace or retrofit an existing curtain wall system, the majority of the cost is already accounted for in the framing system, glazing, spandrel panels and labour. Upgrading to a high performance curtain wall system adds very little incremental cost, making the upgrade cost effective with the assistance of financial incentives from the Building Envelope Program.

Financial incentives (PDF, 281 KB) are available for energy efficient curtain wall systems with a weighted U-value of less than 2.0 in an existing building. Eligible projects receive $150/m2/U.