How to take part

Your application must be pre-approved by us prior to installing any building envelope measure(s). Contractors, suppliers, consultants, and vendors must be a registered participating supplier for our programs.

To apply for the program:

  • consult our Building Envelope Program Guide (PDF, 743 KB) for procedures and eligibility requirements;
  • contact us for a Building Envelope application or fill one out online;
  • submit your application and await pre-approval from us;
  • after you have received our pre-approval notice, your installer may begin the work;
  • a site verification during construction or a post-inspection may be required;
  • submit your completion declaration and questionnaire (PDF, 193 KB) along with required invoices, after completion.

After your building envelope measures are installed and operational, and we have received all your completion documentation, we will review and process your incentive.

Online pre-approval application

Have the following information ready before you apply online:

  • legal customer/business name;
  • key contact name and contact information;
  • project site address;
  • Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • customer name and mailing address for agreement
    • legal name of customer/business who owns or manages the building, whom has signing authority, and who will be receiving any financial incentives from the Program.
  • relevant contractor, supplier, consultant, or vendor names, and their contact information;
  • estimated project start and completion date;

Print, complete, and scan the Customer Acknowledgement. Download and complete all relevant project forms below for the incentives you are applying for. Save all documents into a single folder location. Documents need to be uploaded together when you submit the online application.

  • Customer Acknowledgement (PDF, 168 KB) – print, complete, sign, and scan for your application;
  • Roof (PDF, 150 KB) – existing and proposed assembly descriptions;
  • Wall (PDF, 109 KB) – existing and proposed assembly descriptions;
  • Window system details (PDF, 88 KB) or include detailed supplier quotes with make and model numbers, types, quantities and sizes;
  • Door system details (PDF, 91 KB) or include detailed supplier quotes with make and model numbers, types, quantities and sizes.
  • Curtain wall or storefront system details (PDF, 129 KB) or include detailed specifications;
  • Product specifications, photos, copies of quotes, drawings, site layout, etc. (as required).

Apply for approval

Contact us

For inquiries about the program or application(s), contact your Manitoba Hydro account representative or: