Building Envelope Program

When it comes to the maintenance of a building, the building envelope is one of the most important components; it is comprised of the windows, doors, floors, walls, and roof. Without a quality building envelope, air leakage compromises the building’s durability, comfort, and energy efficiency.

A few key elements of building envelopes that affect building thermal performance are:

  • integrated window and door design;
  • wall and roof insulation;
  • improved air tightness.

Our Building Envelope Program provides financial incentives to encourage building owners to improve the thermal performance of their building by upgrading insulation levels, installing energy efficient windows and doors, and investing in high performance glazing systems for curtain walls.

Watch our Power Smart video to learn how we helped the Keystone Centre save $9,000 a year on energy costs by upgrading over 50,000 square feet of roofing insulation.


  • lower heating and cooling costs;
  • lower building maintenance costs;
  • increased occupant comfort;
  • reduced condensation and moisture;
  • improved indoor air quality;
  • reduced emissions output.