Commercial sector

We partner with Manitoba businesses to implement energy saving technologies and measures. Our programs have helped our customers’ facilities become some of the most efficient in North America. Building owners and managers know that high-performing buildings can attract new customers, build business, and save on operating costs.

We offer a variety of commercial programs, here are our most popular:

  • Building Envelope Program
    Upgrade your building’s envelope, including air barriers, insulation, windows, and doors to reduce air leaks and heating and cooling loads.
  • Lighting Program
    Tips and incentives to install the most appropriate energy efficient lighting in renovation projects.
  • HVAC Program
    Reduce maintenance and operating costs through the use of energy efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
  • New Buildings Program
    Design, build and operate your new building to meet minimum performance standards; we offer technical guidance and financial incentives.
  • Small Business Program
    Small, independent businesses can reduce their energy and water consumption to save money and energy.

Find out where you use the most energy and get help to improve your building’s efficiency with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.

Contact us

For more information about our energy efficiency programs, call 204-360-3676, 1-888-624-9376 (outside of Winnipeg), or email us.

If you are a contractor or retailer and not a registered supplier, you can apply to become a registered supplier.