Custom Measures Program

Reduce operating costs and improve system performance at your facility with electric and natural gas upgrades. The Commercial Custom Measures Program addresses energy efficient projects that are not part of an existing commercial program.

Eligible projects, technologies, and measures

Typical projects include electrical and/or natural gas measures that will:

  • use more efficient equipment or systems;
  • recover and reuse energy that is currently lost;
  • reduce the rate of energy consumption by systems or equipment in low occupancy periods;
  • eliminate unnecessary energy use by shutting off idling or unneeded equipment;
  • capture and use solar energy for heating air or water.

Eligible technologies/measures include (but are not limited to):

  • energy recovery systems to capture waste energy from refrigeration and drain-water systems;
  • energy efficient hot water space heating systems to replace inefficient natural gas steam heating systems;
  • variable speed drive systems to replace inlet vanes or discharge damper volume controls on existing variable volume fan systems;
  • variable speed drive fluid pumping and refrigeration compressor systems to replace mechanical flow control systems;
  • automated energy saving control strategies implemented into existing Building HVAC systems;
  • higher efficiency (magnetic bearing) air cooled chiller systems instead of conventional air cooled chiller equipment at time of replacement;
  • solar air and water heating systems;
  • data centre air management measures to reduce cooling and fan system energy consumption.

Not eligible: Any measure that provides energy savings by switching to another conventional energy source.

Program streams

The annual energy savings of your project will determine whether your project falls into the basic or enhanced stream.

Basic stream – small projects with electric energy savings of 15,000 to 49,000 kWh or a minimum of 7,500 m3 of natural gas savings per year.

Enhanced stream – large projects with electric energy savings of 50,000 kWh or more per year and (if applicable) any amount of natural gas savings.