Calculate your incentives

Calculate your estimated feasibility study report assistance and system installation incentive amount (the calculator provides only preliminary estimates based on the information you input). Include the results in your application package. Read more about how to take part.

Required information:

  • anticipated annual electricity consumption for base case and proposed energy efficient systems;
  • anticipated annual natural gas consumption for base case and proposed energy efficient systems;
  • electricity and natural gas rates from customer billing information;
  • estimated electricity demand reduction, building power factor and number of months having peak demand reduction, where applicable (non-demand electrical rates have no demand charges);
  • any other fuel, water and sewer, maintenance, or other quantifiable savings, where applicable;
  • proposed energy efficient system and base system project costs;
  • feasibility study report fee.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will write to advise of feasibility study approval. Once approved, your engineer/architect can conduct the feasibility study. If you are eligible, we will confirm the conditional amount of feasibility study report assistance.

Project description

Conditional system installation incentive

A - Energy savings calculation
  Base case system Proposed energy efficient system Estimated energy savings Incentive Maximum incentive
$ $250,000
$ $100,000
$ Line 1

Qualifying projects must have, as determined by a registered professional engineer or architect and accepted by a Manitoba Hydro Program engineer:

  • minimum annual project electrical savings of 15,000 kWh, or
  • minimum annual project natural gas savings of 7,500 m3

Negative or zero value energy savings, incentives and costs may be calculated from:

  • base case system costs that are greater than energy efficient system costs
  • base case system consumption that is less than energy efficient system consumption
  • interactive effects of natural gas saving measure(s) that result in an increase of electricity consumption, or vice versa