Incentive application process

  1. Review the program eligibility criteria
    • Review the program eligibility criteria (PDF, 167 KB) and the Application found in the Geothermal Program application package. This information will let you determine whether you are eligible to participate and the terms of agreement.
  2. Determine customer classification
    • Determine if you are an electric sector or propane and fuel oil customer.
  3. Apply for feasibility study assistance
    • This step is:
      • Optional for electric sector customers. Skip ahead to Step 7 if you do not want a feasibility study.
      • Mandatory for propane and fuel oil sector customers.
      To apply for feasibility study assistance, have your engineer or architect complete a Geothermal Program Feasibility Study proposal.
    • Geothermal project requirements
      Your engineer/architect should reference Geothermal Project Requirements (PDF, 224 KB) when preparing a feasibility study proposal or if completing a feasibility study report. The document outlines important guidelines for the Geothermal Program.
    • Your feasibility study proposal must be approved by Manitoba Hydro before your feasibility study will start. If the study or project has commenced before you receive our approval, Feasibility study assistance will not be provided.
  4. We review proposal
  5. Feasibility study completion
    • Once the feasibility study proposal is accepted, your engineer/architect must prepare a feasibility study report in accordance with the feasibility study template and submit to Manitoba Hydro.
  6. Review of feasibility study
    • We will review the submitted feasibility study report. If deemed to be complete, we will provide written notification to the customer and feasibility study assistance payment instructions.
    • We will also evaluate if the customer may be eligible for a system installation incentive (Step 7).
    • Payment for feasibility study assistance will be forwarded after the feasibility study report has been accepted by Manitoba Hydro.
  7. Apply for system installation incentive
    • This step must be completed by both electric and propane and fuel oil customers before installation of the geothermal heat pump system.
    • Apply for a system installation incentive by completing and submitting the Geothermal Program Application (PDF, 318 KB) to Manitoba Hydro.
  8. We review system installation incentive application
    • We will review the system installation incentive application forms and approve or reject the conditional system installation incentive.
  9. Geothermal heat pump system installation
    • After written approval is received, the customer is authorized to begin installation of the geothermal heat pump system.
    • Permits
      • You are responsible for obtaining all required permits prior to commencement of the installation of the geothermal heat pump system.
      • These include, but are not limited to:
        • Building permit (Occupancy Certificate);
        • Electrical permit (Certificate of Electrical Approval);
        • Water Rights Licence.
      • All commercial open loop (well-to-well) geothermal installations are required to obtain a Water Rights Licence through Manitoba Water Stewardship allowing the use of groundwater for heating/cooling purposes. For more information, email Manitoba Water Stewardship, or call 204-945-6784 in Winnipeg or toll free at 1-800-214-6497.
    • A valid copy of required permits must be provided to us before payment of the System Installation Incentive.
  10. Project completion and documentation
    • Once the geothermal heat pump system is installed, you or the installer/engineer must perform an inspection and complete the Completion Declaration. This declaration certifies that all the equipment covered by the system installation incentive has been installed and is fully operational.
    • The following documents must be completed and sent to us at the completion of the project:
      • Completion Declaration and Completion Questionnaire (PDF, 228 KB);
      • Installed Equipment Summary;
      • Project System Design Summary (The 4 documents above will be sent to the Customer after initial project approval in Step 8.);
      • Copies of the paid project invoices;
      • Start-up verification and manufacturer test data sheets (performance specs) in accordance with ARI/ISO 13256-1 (forced air)/13256-2 (water-to-water). Sample start-up verification sheets can be found in the Program Application Guide.
      • Copy of Certificate of Approval (electrical inspection);
      • Copy of Occupancy Certificate (not required for existing retrofits where one is not issued);
      • Copy of Licence to Use Water for Heating/Cooling Purposes from Manitoba Water Stewardship (Open loop well to well systems only);
      • Valid copies of any other required permits.
    • All documentation requested above must be completed in full, and forwarded to us prior to final approval.
  11. Post-installation site visit and final approval
    • After we receive the documentation requested in Step 10, a Manitoba Hydro representative will perform a site visit to confirm the make and model of the geothermal heat pump equipment installed.
    • The conditional system installation incentive may be increased or decreased if the actual system, installed equipment or building design have changed. The final system installation incentive amount will then be calculated and approved. The incentive cheque will then be processed and sent.