Feasibility study documents

All feasibility study proposals and feasibility studies submitted to Manitoba Hydro must be completed in accordance with the Feasibility Study Proposal Application and Feasibility Study template.

Feasibility study proposal application

Hire an engineer or architect to complete the Feasibility Study Proposal Application (PDF, 147 KB).

We must approve your feasibility study proposal application before the feasibility study is initiated. Feasibility study assistance will not be provided if the study or project has begun prior to our approval.

  • The feasibility study proposal application is optional for electric sector customers as they are already considered an electric heat base case. Electric sector customers who still want to investigate the feasibility of a geothermal heat pump system may do so, and are still eligible for feasibility study assistance.
  • The feasibility study proposal application is recommended for propane and fuel oil customers.

Feasibility study templates

Feasibility study templates are designed for engineers/architects. The reports provide the customer/building owner with an appropriate level of information to make a sound decision towards their future building HVAC system, whether it is geothermal, electricity or natural gas.

Feasibility study documents:

Reference documents:

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