Industrial sector

We can help you with energy management, power quality, and understanding transformer oil laboratory results. When an outage happens or power quality declines, our emergency response service can help.

We provide products, services, communications, events, and expertise to improve your facility, manage energy use, and maintain your facility and equipment.

We offer a variety of industrial programs, here are our most popular:

  • Bioenergy Optimization Program
    Turn your company’s waste streams and by-products into fuel that produces useful heat and power.
  • Enhanced Building Operations Program
    Identify energy conservation opportunities with short payback periods to help return commercial buildings to their top intended performance.
  • Lighting Program
    Incentives to install the most appropriate energy efficient lighting in renovation projects.
  • Natural Gas Optimization Program
    This custom program promotes energy efficiency through the optimization of process related natural gas-fired equipment and systems. Technical support and financial incentives are offered for feasibility studies as well as implementation.
  • Performance Optimization Program
    Increased energy efficiency through the optimization of electro-technology processes and motor-drive systems. Technical support and financial incentives are offered for feasibility studies as well as implementation.

Sign up for EnerTrend to be proactive in controlling your energy use. Reduce your costs with this energy-profiling tool for large industrial and commercial operations.

Manitoba Hydro International Maintenance Services

Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. is one of our subsidiaries and provides these innovative services and solutions to customers in the energy and telecommunications sectors around the world:

  • products and services to the global power systems community;
  • data networking, radio tower colocation, data centre colocation, and wholesale internet access;
  • high voltage expertise and maintenance, construction, testing, padmount transformers, and energy monitoring;
  • transmission line engineering services to T & D asset owners and operators around the world.

For more information, visit the Manitoba Hydro International website.

Contact us

For more information about our energy efficiency programs, call 204-360-3676, 1-888-624-9376 (outside of Winnipeg), or email us.

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