Design & construct power systems

Our multi-disciplined team of engineers, technicians, and skilled trades people can provide expertise in the design and construction of your transmission and distribution line and substation facilities. When working on electrical systems, our experts are often able to perform live line work, which means no power interruptions, so your facility can remain productive.

Station design

We can provide expertise which you may not have within your organization. Services offered include:

  • protection, control, metering designs, and station integration;
  • substation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) designs;
  • procurement of major station electrical apparatus and quality control.

Line and station construction

Distribution line construction and upgrades are available for single and 3-phase overhead distribution in a variety of settings. Services include replacing cross arms, insulators and conductors, live line work including voltage conversions, staking and surveying for overhead and underground plant, and line relocations and extensions. Services for underground systems include installing, splicing and terminating single and 3-phase distribution and oil filled transmission cable.

Station construction, additions, and modifications allow your business to introduce new technology, and improve service conditions, operability and ease of maintenance in your station. We offer:

  • Civil construction, including site preparation, fencing, grounding installations, cable trenches, building and equipment foundations, installation of oil containment facilities, transmission line and building construction;
  • Station construction and commissioning, including installation and testing of high voltage station and line equipment and the control, protection and metering systems associated with power transformation stations.

We also have experienced staff capable of planning, coordinating, and managing the projects in the following areas:

  • underground cable relocating, splicing/terminating, and fault finding;
  • fibre optic cable, underground and overhead distribution and transmission;
  • civil contracts and soil remediation (including mould and asbestos);
  • installation of microwave towers and footings;
  • installation of telephone and cable vision plant;
  • preparation of specifications, contract negotiations, tender analysis, contract administration, and site inspection.