High voltage test facility

High voltage tests determine if an electrical apparatus meets specified requirements. These tests can be performed on new equipment following transport and on service-aged equipment that is being considered for re-use. The aim is to prevent in service failures that may pose a safety hazard to staff, damage other equipment, or jeopardize service reliability which can result in substantial lost revenue and significant repair and replacement costs.

We provide:

  • full dielectric testing of equipment rated up to 550 kVac and 500 kVdc;
  • full electrical testing of power transformers.

Our test hall allows for testing of instrument transformers, bushings, aerial lift devices and power transformers. The test hall is 41 metres x 38 metres with 21 metres clearance between floor and bridge crane and has rail access directly into the test hall.


Power transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, and aerial devices:

  • lightning impulse 2,200 kV;
  • switching impulse 1,300 kV;
  • applied 60 Hz voltage with PD measurement 800 kV;
  • direct voltage with polarity reversal ±1,200 kV in 2 min.;
  • direct voltage with PD measurement ±1,000 kV.

Power transformers up to 500 kV and 310 MVA 3-ph or 400 MVA 1-ph using voltage source converter technology for:

  • induced overvoltage;
  • no load loss;
  • full load loss (up to 120 MVAr capacitive compensation).

Stator coils and bars:

  • thermal cycling (IEEE 1310);
  • voltage endurance (IEEE 1043);
  • diagnostics include partial discharge screening measurements.

Gaskets and insulating oil:

  • accelerated aging of gasket materials;
  • access to in-house chemical lab services for oil tests.

Medium-voltage cables:

  • determine size and number of water trees.

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Photo of the interior of the test hall and equipment.

Test hall: 2,400 kV impulse generator, 800 kV series resonant test supply, and 1,200 kV direct voltage test set.

Photo of the exterior of the High Voltage Test Facility.

1510 Chevrier Blvd.
Winnipeg MB
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