Seminars and events

Learn about the latest Power Smart technology, how your staff can safely work around high voltage equipment, how to manage energy in your facility, or train to work on a specific piece of equipment.

Upcoming seminars and events

We offer a variety of seminars and workshops throughout the year that can help you learn about improving the energy efficiency of your business. Please check back again for future events.

Technical training courses

Our training programs focus on the trades and technical operations. We develop technical training solutions, the delivery of structured training, and measurement of results to meet your business needs. Programs are offered in our state of the art facility located in Stonewall. Our technical training programs are well known in the industry and seen by many as best practice.

With our training, your business is able to build a safe and productive workforce working to the highest standards of quality. You can be assured that the training received is competency based and learners are evaluated for knowledge, skill and ability.

Awareness sessions are also provided, giving your employees insight into the electrical or natural gas operations of your business.

The training we provide is beneficial to various electrical and natural gas employees including:

  • Electrical: line trades, cable trades, electrical technicians, utility workers, in addition to vehicle and equipment operation training.
  • Natural gas: customer service personnel, gas distribution maintenance, gas apparatus measurement and control and meter provisioning to name a few.