Multi-unit residential sector

If you are an owner or property manager, there are programs to help you manage energy use and improve the energy efficiency of your building.

We offer a variety of programs suited to your multi-unit residential building, here are our most popular:

Building and common areas

  • Building Envelope Program
    Upgrade the insulation, windows, and doors of your multi-unit residential building to reduce air leaks, and heating and cooling loads. More importantly, increase occupant comfort.
  • HVAC Program
    Reduce maintenance and operating costs through the use of energy efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
  • Lighting Program
    Incentives for installing energy efficient lighting in common areas and outside.

In-suite areas

Find out where you use the most energy and get help to improve your building’s efficiency with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.

Contact us

For more information about our energy efficiency programs, call 204-360-3676, 1-888-624-9376 (outside of Winnipeg), or email us.

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