Our New Buildings Program provides an energy modelling assistance incentive along with additional financial incentives for participating in the program’s Performance Path.

Energy modelling assistance incentive

An incentive of up to $10,000 is available to eligible customers who submit a completed design energy modelling report to us during the project’s design phase and then successfully complete the program’s Performance Path.

Design energy modelling reports will be reviewed for program compliance. We will collaborate with the project’s energy modeller, when possible, to discuss potential energy efficiency opportunities, such as lighting, and building design enhancements.

Failure to qualify for the energy modelling assistance incentive does not affect eligibility for the remaining New Buildings Program’s financial incentives or energy efficiency designation.

The energy modelling assistance incentive for projects that do not successfully complete the Performance Path is limited to a maximum of $5000.

Performance path incentive

The New Buildings Program Performance Path offers a financial incentive ranging between $0.50/sq. ft. to $2.00/sq. ft. of your building’s eligible floor space as determined by the project’s final energy model. Your building qualifies for financial incentives if the final energy model demonstrates whole-building energy savings of at least 5% better than MECB.

Your building can only be designated energy efficient if your whole-building energy savings are 10% or better.

This incentive is paid to you upon completion of the project and once all program deliverables have been submitted and approved.

You must meet all eligibility criteria to qualify for financial incentives. For program guidelines and policies, customer eligibility criteria, review our program guide (PDF, 772 KB).

Incentives based energy target achieved: 5 to 9% better than MECB
Building energy target Incentive factor
($/sq. ft)
5 0.50
6 0.60
7 0.70
8 0.80
9 0.90
Incentives based energy target achieved: program designation levels 10 to 20%
Building energy target Incentive factor
($/sq. ft)
10 1.00
11 1.10
12 1.20
13 1.30
14 1.40
15 1.50
16 1.60
17 1.70
18 1.80
19 1.90
20 2.00