New Buildings Program

Through our New Buildings Program, we provide technical guidance and financial incentives to customers that design, construct, and operate new energy efficient buildings in Manitoba.

The program is dedicated to advancing the local building design industry in 4 particular areas:

  • Integrated design: a collaborative approach to designing your new building that includes key stakeholders and design professionals from conception to completion.
  • Energy modelling: maximize your building’s energy efficiency with software modelling.
  • Building commissioning: verify and document that your new building and its systems are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained for optimal building performance.
  • Energy management: recommendations for operational improvements and behavioural changes that manage and minimize energy costs.


  • lower utility and maintenance costs for the life of the building;
  • longer building and equipment life;
  • healthier living and working environment for occupants, residents, tenants, and employees;
  • official Power Smart designation for the building;
  • financial incentives.


Design professionals and building owners should contact us early in a project’s design phase to determine eligibility for financial incentives and Power Smart designation. During the design phase, energy modelling is used to see if the building’s design meets the program’s minimum requirements. Energy modelling uses computer tools to simulate energy use, and is a growing part of the construction industry.

The New Buildings Program is available for commercial and multi-residential new construction projects required to follow the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings 2013 (MECB). As of December 1, 2014, the MECB came into effect and applies to new construction, additions, and initial tenant improvements for Part 3 buildings in Manitoba.

The MECB is an adaptation of the National Energy Code for Buildings 2011 (NECB) that includes specific amendments for Manitoba. This new energy code serves as the baseline for comparison for all New Buildings Program 2.0 projects. Read more about the NECB and these amendments:

Power Smart designation

Power Smart designation is a requirement of the Manitoba Green Building Program for Government of Manitoba funded projects, but is available for all eligible commercial new construction projects.

Your building must be designed to be at least 10% more energy efficient than the minimum requirements of the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings 2013 (MECB) to receive an official Power Smart designation.

When your building is awarded an official Power Smart designation, we provide a permanent plaque to recognize and honour your dedication to energy efficient building design and environmental leadership. We coordinate with you and the project’s design professionals to promote the project through relevant media channels. Power Smart representatives may attend your groundbreaking ceremonies, grand openings, and other promotional events.

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Neechi Commons

We helped Neechi Commons reduce energy consumption by implementing a centralized refrigeration system, energy efficient heating and cooling, low-flow water taps, and low wattage lighting.

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