Compressed air

Compressed air systems can consume significant amounts of energy in industrial facilities. On average, about 10 per cent of the total electric bill is compressed air-related. Average savings of 30 per cent and sometimes up to 70 per cent can be gained by applying energy efficient measures.

We provide an analysis of compressed air systems through:

  • Scoping studies (included as part of basic customer service) – Measure the pressure and power consumption of your plant’s air system over a 7 day period to develop a benchmark profile that identifies opportunities for improvement. Instruments are placed on the system to monitor the operating characteristics of the facilities existing compressed air system. The resulting data is analyzed and compared to other site observations. This allows a base-line energy consumption and operating cost estimate to be calculated and presented in a report. A projected potential savings estimate for various efficiency measures is also included.
  • Full comprehensive audit (fee for service) – For an additional fee, a full audit can be completed. This is a detailed analysis of the facilities compressed air system from the end uses to the production equipment. Data is taken over a number of weeks to create a more accurate base case and to capture any system problems. Research is then done to determine savings and benefits of various energy efficiency options. A business case for these options is created and presented in report form that can then be used to apply for Power Smart Performance Optimization Program incentives.

The studies identify energy saving measures that, if implemented, can reduce operating costs and improve system reliability, system air quality, and machine productivity.

We offer financial incentives to help reduce capital costs for compressed air system upgrades or replacement. For more information, contact your Energy Services Advisor.