Pumps are estimated to consume 20 to 25 per cent of all industrial electrical energy. Most are designed to operate between 60 to 80 per cent efficiency yet the average efficiency is less than 45 per cent. Any energy that is not transferred to the fluid is absorbed through vibration and heat which may reduce the performance and reliability of your pump.

As part of our customer service, we provide assistance in the analysis of your pumping system through:

  • Seminars – Pump basics, efficiency, operating points, variable speed pumping, reliability, and the Systems Approach are some of the topics covered.
  • Scoping studies – We complete studies that measure the performance and power consumption of your pumping system. This provides an operational benchmark and identifies opportunities for energy savings and performance improvements.

A scoping study usually leads to a feasibility study which accurately details the project options, capital costs, energy savings, operational and reliability improvements, and also calculates the Performance Optimization Program incentive that reduces the capital cost of a project.


The benefits of reviewing a pumping system may include:

  • reduced energy cost;
  • increased system performance, reliability and efficiency;
  • reduced maintenance and downtime;
  • incentives to reduce the capital cost of a project and accelerate payback.