Resources and incentives – project development process

The Performance Optimization Program aims to support customers at each phase in the development of an energy efficiency improvement project. Access to the technical and financial resources that are required is provided in order to identify, investigate, and implement your project.


  • Identification of project by customer, engineering consultant, equipment vendor, or Manitoba Hydro personnel.
  • A facility walk-through is available as a basic customer service at no extra charge to identify potential efficiency improvements in your facility.
  • Customer submits Feasibility Study Incentive Application (PDF, 155 KB) complete with a study proposal outline that is written as per the Feasibility Study Guide (PDF, 135 KB) format.
  • We approve the feasibility study incentive application prior to study.
  • Feasibility study is completed. The report is written as per Feasibility Study Guide (PDF, 135 KB) format and a copy is provided to Manitoba Hydro.
  • We approve the feasibility study report and release the feasibility study incentive payment.


  • In order to further investigate a potential opportunity for improvement and verify savings potential, a study incentive is available to share in the cost of conducting a project feasibility study. The study incentive is calculated as follows:
    • 50 per cent of initial $10,000 of feasibility study cost;
    • 25 per cent of remaining cost;
    • to a maximum study incentive of $15,000.
  • Customer submits project incentive application complete with a feasibility study report or similar project report.
  • We approve project incentive application prior to project implementation.
  • Project is completed within 12 months of project approval. Customer requests incentive payment.
  • We verify project installation, project costs, and energy savings.
  • We release the project incentive payment.


Projects that have sufficiently quantified demand, energy savings, and project costs are eligible for an implementation incentive that is calculated as the lesser of the following:

  • Energy
    • $0.10/kWh annual energy.
  • Demand
    • $200/kW winter demand;
    • $200/kW summer demand.
  • Limited to:
    • 50 per cent of total project cost;
    • the amount required to achieve a 1-year payback on incremental cost;
    • $250,000.