Refrigeration Program

Grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants use significant amounts of energy for refrigeration. A grocery store's refrigeration can account for more than 50 per cent of the electricity bill.

The Refrigeration Program promotes energy efficient equipment upgrades and low-cost and no-cost operation and maintenance measures. These measures will help you save energy and money.


  • lower energy bills;
  • increased profitability and competitiveness;
  • lower operating costs;
  • increased comfort in refrigeration aisles for both customer and employees;
  • reduced product spoilage;
  • increased product life;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • extended equipment life;
  • less energy use, which helps conserve non-renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Renovations to grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants are ideal projects for the Refrigeration Program. We offer more than 15 different incentives (PDF, 114 KB) for customers to take advantage of when making energy efficient equipment and technology upgrades.


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