Small Business Program

The Small Business Program helps small, independent businesses reduce their energy and water consumption.

We offer:

  • free on-site installation of:
    • low-flow pre-rinse spray valve(s);
    • low-flow bathroom and kitchen faucet aerator(s);
    • basic LED screw-in lamps.
  • free lighting assessment to identify further energy-saving opportunities;
  • 70% incentive for qualifying lighting upgrades, including T8 ballasts, LED lamps, LED exit signs, and more. Materials and installation included.

This full-service program coordinates material procurement, installation, and scheduling on behalf of the customer.


To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  • you operate a small, independent business, non-profit organization, or religious facility in Manitoba that occupies no more than 10,000 square feet;
  • your business is not a national franchise or chain;
  • your business has no more than 6 locations in Manitoba;
  • you pay for at least one of your business’ Manitoba Hydro utilities (gas or electricity);
  • your business is billed at a Manitoba Hydro commercial rate.

For a complete list of program terms and conditions, contact us.


  • lower energy and water bills;
  • lower operating and maintenance costs;
  • improved working environment and occupant comfort;
  • less energy use, which helps conserve non-renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How to take part

To schedule an appointment, contact the program contractor:

For more information, contact the Small Business Program: