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Suppliers – contractors & consultants

Hiring a contractor

We recommend getting 3 estimates/proposals, in writing, to compare. Each estimate should include (as applicable):

  • cost of labour, equipment and materials (names, models, size, etc.);
  • total cost, including taxes and permit fees;
  • expected payment schedule;
  • estimated work start and completion dates;
  • a statement that the contractor carries liability insurance and Workers Compensation coverage;
  • warranties or guarantees;
  • what contractor cleanup during the work and on completion;
  • building owner vs. contractor responsibilities;
  • a statement that the contractor will instruct the building owner on the operation and maintenance of any equipment, and provide any required operation manuals.

When you hire a contractor, ask for a written contract. Before you sign:

  • Read carefully to make sure all details in the estimate have been included.
  • Review all terms and conditions and the fine print.
  • You and the contractor must initial any changes to the work or standard conditions on the contract.

Do not sign an incomplete contract and do not make a verbal agreement. A contract helps resolve disputes if the work is unsatisfactory.

Become a registered program supplier – contractor or consultant

Register to join our network of suppliers that offer our financing programs to residential customers.

By registering as a supplier, you can offer our financing programs to your customers. Help your customers gain access to financial support when making energy efficient upgrades while attracting more clients and gaining additional business. You will also have access to download and/or order program information.


Permits, applications, and inspections – information for contractors and building owners.