Water & Energy Saver Program

To help you conserve and save in your building, we offer free water and energy saving devices for multi-unit residential buildings and municipal recreation facilities.

The following low-flow* technologies are available for each building you manage (multi-unit residential buildings and municipal recreation facilities):

  • bathroom faucet aerators;
  • showerheads (up to 2 per unit).

We also offer kitchen faucet aerators for multi-unit residential buildings.

How to take part

Owners, property managers, and landlords should email us with contact information and the number of residential buildings and units that are managed. We will contact you and send an application. Once we receive your application, the devices will be bulk shipped to you for free.

We also offer free installation in multi-unit residential buildings. Ecofitt, our service provider, will coordinate these with you. The building owner or their representative must be present for all installations.

*Approximately 6 litres per minute.