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Appliances & electronics

Buy energy efficient ENERGY STAR® certified appliances. The ENERGY STAR® symbol identifies models that ensure that they are among the most energy efficient in their class and do not compromise performance. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances are up to 50% more efficient than conventional models.

When you buy an appliance there are actually 2 price tags. Consider:

  • the cost of the appliance;
  • the second price tag, which is the cost you will pay year after year to operate the appliance. Look for the second price tag on the Energuide label.

Reducing electronics’ power consumption

Electronics such as DVD players, televisions, alarm clocks, and cell phone chargers use power even when they are not being used. The continuous use of electricity is called standby power.

ENERGY STAR® certified electronics reduce standby power and are more efficient than standard electronics.

Power bars

Power bars with built-in timers or auto-shutoff can help you save energy.

Power bars with integrated timers

  • Designed to turn off outlets based on a particular schedule;
  • Timers can be set to shut off power when you’re away from the house or asleep.

Smart power bars

  • Designed with 2 types of sockets:
    • master socket for main electronics;
    • slave socket for associated peripheral electronics;

Plug the main device (for example, a TV) into the master socket and plug peripheral devices (video game console, DVD player, etc.) into the slave sockets. When the TV is turned off, the power is cut to the associated peripheral devices. Most of these power bars also have “always on” sockets that allow certain devices to remain on.

Indoor and outdoor plug-in timers

Plug-in timers save energy by turning devices on and off automatically and conveniently. They can be pre-set to the times you would like your devices turned on and off to provide additional safety and peace of mind.