Reading an EnerGuide label

Another guide that can help you make an energy-wise choice when shopping for a major appliance is the EnerGuide label. While the EnerGuide label does not mean that an appliance is actually energy efficient, it does show how much energy an appliance can use in a year of service. It also makes it easy to compare the energy efficiency of each model to others of the same size and class.

EnerGuide label graphic highlighting four energy consumption/efficiency areas comparing the appliance to similar models.

  1. The annual energy consumption of the appliance in kilowatt-hours. The lower the number, the better.
  2. The energy consumption indicator shows you how this model compares to others in its class. The bar below the indicator gives the energy efficiency range for this class of appliance. The further the indicator is to the left end of the scale, the better.
  3. This bar shows you the energy consumption of the most and least efficient appliances in this class. In this case, the most efficient comparable model consumes 564 kWh per year while the least efficient uses 972 kWh per year.
  4. This tells you the type and capacity range of similar models compared.

© The EnerGuide label and text produced with permission of the Minister of Natural Resources Canada, 2003.