Power Smart appliance tips

Energy efficient appliances save energy, and time. Here are some tips to save even more on your energy bill:

  • Wash your laundry in a cold or warm water wash cycle and a cold rinse cycle as your laundry needs dictate. Most laundry can be effectively washed in cold water. Try a laundry detergent that is specially formulated for cold water washing.
  • Run only full loads and select the “No Heat Dry/Air Dry” option to save energy when using your dishwasher.
  • Use the smallest appliance possible when cooking. Where appropriate, a toaster oven or microwave will use less energy than an oven.
  • Get rid of that old fridge in your basement or garage. This will reduce your electricity bill.
  • Make sure that the gasket seal on your refrigerator door is airtight. To check, place a piece of paper between the door and the fridge. If the paper does not stay in place when the door is closed the gasket may need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Vacuum the cooling coils on the back or behind the front grill of your refrigerator regularly for peak efficiency and to extend the life of the compressor.

For more information on energy efficient appliances, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.