Refrigerator Retirement Program

Running a second fridge or old freezer that’s more than 15 years old can use between 1,000 and 2,000 kilowatt-hours per year — costing you $100 annually on your energy bill. Participate in our Refrigerator Retirement Program and we will pick up your second refrigerator or your freezer for free, recycle them responsibly, and give you $50 for each one we collect.

Find out if your fridge or freezer qualifies and register for your free pick up today or call 1-855-5FRIDGE (1-855-537-4343) to schedule an appointment.

This program offers an easy and convenient way to get rid of your second fridge, save you money, and ensure your appliance is recycled responsibly.

Appliances that are not working

Outside of Winnipeg, contact your local municipality for disposal options.

Within Winnipeg:

  • Phone the City of Winnipeg at 311 to request a pickup or visit the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste website for more information about pickup requests and fees.
  • 4R Winnipeg Depots are places where residents can drop off appliances to be recycled. City of Winnipeg 4R Depots website.
  • Drop off your appliance at PureSphera Recovery and Recycling at 1215 Gateway Road between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (closed holidays). PureSphera accepts non-working appliances as well as appliances that don’t meet the program eligibility requirements. Water tanks, dehumidifiers, and air-conditioners are also accepted on a drop-off basis for recycling. This is a free service and no incentives or rebates are provided. All units will be recycled responsibly. For more information, phone PureSphera at 204-233-7204.