Calculate your payments

Calculate your Residential Earth Power Loan approximate payments. Loan interest rate is set at 4.9% (subject to change).


Process example:
  1. Manitoba Hydro will advance the Primary Contractor named above the Total Cost to be Financed, in the aggregate amount of $, upon receipt of a duly completed Progress Payment Request (if any) signed by the Owner and upon receipt of the Completion Certificate signed by the Owner.
  2. The Owner will amortize said amount over a term of months. For the initial months of this Agreement, maximum financing charges of $ will be repaid by equal consecutive payments of $ , calculated at the true annual interest rate of % per annum on the declining monthly balance. The maximum principal amount remaining at the end of the initial month term will be . At the end of th month term, the Owner will be required to pay the principal amount remaining or refinance that principal over the remaining amortization period at available market interest rates. Manitoba Hydro will communicate available options to the Owner through written correspondence 6 months prior to the completion of the initial month term of this Agreement.

Subject to charges on overdue payments. Maximum total amount to be repaid by owner, including financing charges during the initial month term of the agreement: $ .

The loan is added to your Manitoba Hydro energy bill for payment.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The homeowner must be a Manitoba Hydro customer who is approved for credit from Manitoba Hydro.

Apply through your contractor.