Hire a contractor

A geothermal installation requires the skill and experience of a certified contractor. Find a certified contractor by contacting:

  • The Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance (MGEA), 204-334-5194.

Use our questions to ask checklist (PDF, 54 KB) when you talk to a contractor. Get 2 to 4 estimates/proposals to compare. Each estimate should include:

  • cost of labour, equipment and materials (names, models, size, etc.);
  • total cost, including taxes and permit fees;
  • expected payment schedule;
  • estimated work start and completion dates;
  • a statement that the contractor carries liability insurance and Workers Compensation coverage;
  • warranties or guarantees;
  • what contractor cleanup during the work and on completion;
  • homeowner vs. contractor responsibilities;
  • a statement that the contractor will instruct the homeowner on the operation and maintenance of any equipment, and provide any required operation manuals.

When you hire a contractor, ask for a written contract. Before you sign:

  • Read carefully to make sure all details in the estimate have been included.
  • Review all terms and conditions and the fine print.
  • You and the contractor must initial any changes to the work or standard conditions on the contract.

Do not sign an incomplete contract and do not make a verbal agreement. A contract helps resolve disputes if the work is unsatisfactory.

We do not inspect or warranty any heat pump make/model or installation, and will not mediate disputes between the contractor and homeowner. We also do not endorse any particular brand of heat pump or any particular heat pump installer.