Heat Recovery Ventilator Control Program

We offer a $150 rebate to homeowners who install an advanced heat recovery ventilator (HRV) control.

Typical heat recovery ventilator wall controls.

Typical heat recovery ventilator (HRV) wall controls.
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You can turn your HRV on or off manually, but your most efficient option is to install an advanced HRV control.

An advanced control’s sensors:

  • will automatically turn the HRV on and off to keep your home at the set humidity level;
  • can reduce your energy bill (save up to $46 annually) by matching your ventilation needs with your lifestyle.

How to take part

If you have an existing HRV or are installing an HRV in your home, upgrade to an advanced control. Contact your furnace contractor to see if you qualify.

Your contractor will:

  • complete the required Residential HRV Control Program Application with you;
  • install the advanced HRV control;
  • teach you how to use the advanced HRV control;
  • apply a $150 rebate directly to your invoice.

You will be responsible for any additional costs.


To qualify for the residential advanced HRV Control Program:

  • You must own the home where the new controller is installed.
  • You must have a Manitoba Hydro account.
  • The contractor must install the control in your primary residence. Seasonal residences do not qualify.
  • Your home’s existing HRV control must be a basic model (manual on/off fan operation and/or timer).
  • Your HRV contractor must be a registered program supplier with Manitoba Hydro.

Contractors: If you are not yet a registered contractor, find out more about the HRV Control Program by contacting us.