How-to booklets and videos

Small changes can make a big difference. Read some of our no-cost, low-cost tips to prevent air leakage in your home. Our how-to booklets and videos will guide you through do-it-yourself home energy efficiency improvements.



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How to install showerheads and aerators

Find out how to install the low-flow showerheads and aerators you can get in our free Water & Energy Saver Kit.

Play video: How to install showerheads and aerators. (3:05)

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Caulk and Seal Windows

Caulk and seal your windows to save energy and money. Learn which tools you’ll need and how to get started.

Play video: Caulk and Seal Windows. (7:03)

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Insulate Basement Walls

Learn how to install a wood frame, set up a moisture barrier, and finish with drywall.

Play video: Insulate Basement Walls. (7:12)

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Install Door Weatherstripping

Learn how to weatherstrip your door properly to protect it against the elements and save money on your energy bill.

Play video: Install Door Weatherstripping. (4:10)