Home Insulation Program

If your home was built before 1999 it may not have enough insulation. Add insulation to your home to help save energy and improve the comfort of your home. We offer rebates to help you insulate your attic, walls, and foundation. Calculate your rebate.

How to take part

Pre-approval is required before you purchase materials or start your project. Insulation must meet insulation requirements.

Your home qualifies if:

  • it was built before 1999;
  • you are the homeowner and the home has an active Manitoba Hydro account;
  • it is detached, semi-detached, or a mobile/modular home on a permanent foundation with a permanent water supply, and intended as a residence;
  • it is your principal, full-time residence or your tenant’s principal, full-time residence.

Your home will not qualify if:

  • it is under renovation or construction, unoccupied, an apartment building, a seasonal home, vacation rental, or cottage;
  • your project is for an attached garage, porch, veranda, or sunroom;
  • your project is only replacing existing insulation;
  • you have started the work or removed existing insulation.

Read the complete Terms and Conditions. (PDF, 159 KB);

Step 1: Qualify

  • Determine which area(s) of your home that you would like to insulate.
  • Decide whether you will do the work yourself or hire a contractor.
  • Your contractor or retailer will:
    • complete the Home Insulation Program Rebate Application with you;
    • submit the application for pre-approval to us on your behalf;
    • contact you when we have approved your insulation project.

Wait for this approval before you begin any work.

Step 2: Insulate

  • Make sure you or your contractor:
    • gets all required building or electrical permits (if you aren’t sure if you need an electrical permit, contact your Manitoba Hydro district office);
    • meets the work requirements of the Manitoba Building Code, all applicable bylaws, and is acceptable to inspection authorities.

Step 3: Get a rebate

  • Once you have completed all areas of your insulation project, you or your contractor will submit:
    • the original, 2-page, signed Home Insulation Program Rebate Application and Calculation Schedule;
    • all original receipts or invoices for insulation material.
  • If more than one project area (e.g., attic and basement) were approved, all insulation must be installed before you can submit any final paperwork.
  • You will receive your rebate for qualifying measures in about 16 weeks as either a credit on your bill or loan account, or by cheque. Your rebate will first be applied as a credit to any outstanding balances or loan arrears on your Manitoba Hydro account.
  • If you applied for a Home Energy Efficiency Loan to finance the insulation project, the rebate will be applied to the loan.
  • Your project may be selected to receive a pre- or post-installation inspection before approval or the rebate is issued. Any work that has not been completed at the time of post inspection will no longer be eligible for a rebate.

Contact us

For more information about the program, call 204-480-5900, 1-888-624-9376 (outside of Winnipeg), or email us.

If you are a contractor or retailer who is not a registered supplier, you can apply now to become a registered supplier.