New Homes Program

When building a new home consider the impact it will have on the environment throughout its lifetime; a lifetime that can span 100 years. By designing an energy efficient new home, you will reduce your operating costs, maintenance costs, and environmental impact.

We offer financial incentives and energy design assistance for the construction of new energy efficient homes. To be eligible, the home must be at least 20% more energy efficient than a conventional new home. The New Homes Program offers 2 participation options, allowing you to choose the approach that best works for you:

Prescriptive Path

  • To receive an incentive, incorporate 10 energy saving upgrades into the home. View the Prescriptive Path technical standard.
  • Homes with these upgrades achieve an energy rating equivalent to 20% better than a conventional home built to minimum code standards.
  • Homes which have received ENERGY STAR® for New Homes certification in the last 180 days may qualify for incentives.
  • Homes that use alternative technologies to achieve an equal level of performance may also qualify for incentives.

Performance Path

  • Design your home with energy modelling and receive a scaled, progressive incentive for increasing levels of performance. This flexible option rewards higher-performing construction such as Net Zero Energy homes, Passive House, and Net Zero Energy-Ready homes. Rebates between $1,500 and $12,000 per home are available. For more information on Net Zero Energy homes, Net Zero Energy Ready homes, and Passive House, visit the following websites:
  • The Performance Path gives you the freedom to incorporate any technology, building design, or upgrades to the home, such as solar panels, air source heat pumps, or super-insulated walls.
  • Once the home is complete, an evaluator will determine the final energy performance of the home and will award the associated rebate.

How to apply

Before the start of construction, commercial builders or individuals building their own home should decide which application path to apply under.

Prescriptive Path applicants should carefully review their building plans to ensure compliance with the Prescriptive Path Technical Standard before submitting an application. Performance Path applicants must conduct any energy modelling or energy design before submitting an application.

Download the appropriate application:

We will review your application. After we issue pre-approval, construction of the home can begin.

Once the home is complete, download and submit the appropriate Completion Declaration. We will schedule an evaluation to certify the home.


You can apply for a single home or many homes.

Multi-unit buildings are eligible for an incentive for each household unit or suite.

  • Under the Prescriptive Path, they are essentially individual units, but common walls or other common assemblies are not considered in the program requirements. Air tightness for the building as a whole is not relaxed, however trade offs may be considered if the designer can show a specific benefit of the multi-unit design.
  • Under the Performance Path, we expect whole building modelling but will discuss individual situations.

If every home you build meets our minimum energy efficiency standards, you can also apply to become a Preferred Builder. Contact us for more information.

Preferred Builders

If you are interested in building a certified energy efficient home, the following builders have made a commitment to meet our standards on all of their new homes (under the Prescriptive Path, the Performance Path, or a combination of both). Visit their websites:

Premium refund available from CMHC and Genworth Canada

Homes certified under the New Homes Program are automatically eligible for a partial mortgage insurance premium refund from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Genworth Canada.

  • Prescriptive Path: 15% premium refund;
  • Performance Path: 15 to 25% premium refund.

You have 24 months from the closing date of your mortgage to apply. For more information or to apply for the premium refund, visit the CMHC website or the Genworth website.

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