Power Smart low-flow standards and safety

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Power Smart low-flow showerheads use approximately 6 litres of water per minute, while other low-flow showerheads often use more. Low-flow showerheads on the market today, range from 6.0 to 9.5 litres per minute.

Power Smart low-flow faucet aerators have a flow rate of 6.0 litres per minute, and standard aerators have a flow rate of 9.0 litres per minute.

Thermal shock

Thermal shock can occur when different household appliances are in use at the same time as a showerhead. A sudden drop in water pressure can result in a sudden change in water temperature (hot or cold). Adjust water temperature to 49°C at the end use side of your hot water system.

Some homes have an automatic compensating mixing valve installed as part of the plumbing system, and are required to be tested and certified only at a flow rate of 9.5 litres per minute. It is recommended that this valve be installed to help reduce any risks of thermal shock or scalding. When used in combination with a low-flow showerhead, the automatic compensating mixing valve may not provide protection.

Contact a licensed plumber with concerns about water pressure changes in your home’s plumbing system or questions about automatic compensating mixing valves.