Enhanced stream

To be eligible for increased financial incentives through the enhanced stream of the Custom Measures Program, projects must have minimum electrical energy savings of 50,000 kWh, as estimated by a registered professional engineer/architect, and be reviewed, adjusted (if necessary), and approved by a Manitoba Hydro program engineer. Projects with natural gas savings are eligible for incentives through the enhanced stream, as long as the overall project meets the minimum electrical energy savings requirements.


The program provides financial incentives to identify, investigate, and implement system efficiency improvements in your facility.

Identify – Feasibility study proposal incentive

During the identification phase, the following discretionary feasibility study proposal incentive is available:

  • 100% of the cost, up to a maximum of $2,000.

Investigate – Feasibility study report assistance

During the investigation phase, the following feasibility study report assistance is available:

  • For studies costing up to $10,000, 100% of the feasibility study cost;
  • For large studies costing more than $10,000, $10,000 plus 25%of the amount over $10,000.

Combined feasibility study proposal and report assistance cannot exceed the system installation incentive.

Implement – System installation incentive

Following completion of the implementation phase, a system installation incentive is available in accordance with the following program requirements:

  • $0.20/kWh saved – annual electricity;
  • $0.30/m3 saved – annual natural gas.

Limited to:

  • 50% of the project incremental cost;
  • the amount required to reach a 1-year payback on project incremental cost.

The maximum eligible incentive is $250,000 for all electrical measures and $100,000 for all natural gas measures included in the project.