Your building eligibility and customer classification determine your eligibility for Geothermal Program incentives.

Building eligibility

Commercial buildings are eligible for incentives if installation of a geothermal heat pump will produce predictable and sustainable electrical savings. These buildings would be classified as an electric base case for base load space heating.

An example of an electric base case is a building retrofit from electric heating (electric furnace or baseboards). In this instance, installing a geothermal heat pump will reduce the building’s electricity consumption. However, a building that retrofits from a natural gas heating system is not eligible for incentives, as electrical consumption for space heating will be increased.

Feasibility study assistance or system installation incentives
Building type Current primary space heating fuel Feasibility study assistance eligibility System installation incentive eligibility
New construction Not applicable See the New Buildings Program1 See the New Buildings Program1
Existing Electric Yes Yes
Retrofit Natural gas No No
Retrofit Fuel oil and propane Yes Determined by feasibility study
1 New construction projects may be eligible for feasibility study assistance and a system installation incentive through the New Buildings Program.

Customer classification

Manitoba Hydro customers may be eligible for incentives through the Geothermal Program if the following criteria are met:

  • electric sector customers*:
    • Building has used electricity as primary space heating fuel for the previous 2 years of operation.
  • natural gas sector customers:
    • Existing buildings that are heated by natural gas are not eligible for Feasibility Study assistance or a System Installation Incentive from the Geothermal Program.

* Electric sector customers do not require a feasibility study, as they pre-qualify for a system installation incentive. Electric sector customers that want to perform a feasibility study may do so and receive feasibility study assistance.

Existing buildings that use other heating fuels

For customers with existing buildings that use heating fuels other than natural gas use the following criteria to determine customer classification:

  • Is the building property site located adjacent to an existing natural gas distribution pipeline?
    • Yes: natural gas sector customer.
    • No. For more information on eligibility, email us.

Feasibility study recommendations

If your customer classification is electric sector, a feasibility study is not recommended. If your customer classification is fuel oil and propane sector, a feasibility study is recommended but not required.