HVAC Program

In most businesses, heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) typically account for 40 to 60% of energy costs. A great way to reduce energy consumption and offset rising fuel costs is to replace old, inefficient equipment with energy efficient technologies.

Incentives are available for the following technologies:

Financial incentives help offset the added cost of efficiency upgrades and reduce the payback in energy savings to just a few years or less. The maximum eligible incentives are $250,000 for all electrical measures and $100,000 for all natural gas measures included in the project.


  • Lower energy bills and reduced maintenance and overall operating costs.
  • Improved work environment with more uniform temperatures throughout your building. Increased comfort translates into greater productivity.
  • Improved marketability of your building. Value is added by improving comfort and reducing operating costs.
  • Commitment to a sustainable future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.