Natural Gas Optimization Program

The Natural Gas Optimization Program provides industrial and large commercial customers with the technical support and financial incentives necessary to identify, investigate, and implement system efficiency improvements throughout their facility.

The program promotes energy efficiency through the optimization of process-related natural gas-fired systems and equipment. The result is lower operating costs and improved system performance.


  • increased system efficiency/reduced energy consumption;
  • greater reliability/reduced maintenance;
  • improved financial performance;
  • reduced environmental impact.

Steam Trap Audit incentive

We are now offering a Steam Trap Audit incentive as an extension of the Natural Gas Optimization Program. The incentive is for industrial, large commercial, and institutional facilities that operate large steam boilers and distribution systems with a large number of steam traps.

Our Steam Trap Audit incentive pays $15 per steam trap tested, to a maximum of $10,000 per audit. Customers must complete and submit the Application along with a Steam Trap Audit proposal from a qualified consultant or contractor as well as receive approval from Manitoba Hydro prior to the audit.

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