Supported technologies

Supported technologies may include but are not limited to the following systems:

Steam and water boiler systems

  • boiler/equipment replacement with more efficient units:
    • near condensing or condensing water boilers;
    • direct contact water heaters;
    • high efficiency steam generators;
    • boiler control upgrades.
  • heat recovery from exhaust gases or blowdown;
  • economizers (non-condensing and condensing) for feedwater, makeup water, or other process water:
    • combustion air pre-heaters;
    • direct contact water heaters.
  • steam trap replacement;
  • insulation upgrades for steam and condensate piping, tanks, valves and fittings, including removable insulation jackets.

Industrial ventilation systems

  • equipment replacement with more efficient units;
  • controls to shut off equipment when not in use;
  • recirculation equipment to reduce makeup air volumes;
  • waste heat recovery.

Other process systems (ovens, furnaces, kilns, etc.)

  • waste heat recovery for process water or other applications;
  • controls upgrades.