New building lighting incentives

If you are installing energy efficient lighting in a new building or in a new addition to an existing building, you may qualify for incentives from the New Buildings Program.

To begin, find out if you qualify for interior or exterior lighting incentives:

We will reply to you to confirm your eligibility and guide you through the application process.

If you qualify for exterior lighting incentives, or if we confirm in writing that all or some of your project is not eligible for incentives from the New Buildings Program, here is how you can apply to the Lighting Program for those portions and for your exterior lighting:

  • Make sure you meet the program requirements. They apply to all new construction lighting projects, including those that do not need to follow the MECB.
  • Contact your lighting supplier or Manitoba Hydro account representative for a lighting application.
    • Pre-approval is required before you order, purchase or install any lighting products.
    • The lighting application requires a customer signature on the form; we can accept a signed original, faxed copy, or scanned copy.
  • Complete New Construction Outdoor Lighting – Appendix F (PDF, 114 KB). Gather and complete all the required documents listed on appendix F, including the Total Base Case Allowance for Exterior Lighting and submit this along with your lighting application.
  • Submit your signed lighting application, appendix F, and attachments to:

When we contact you that your project is pre-approved, you can purchase and install your lighting.

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