Supported technologies

Supported technologies include but are or limited to the following systems:

Motor drive systems

Compressed air

  • variable speed drives to replace modulating or load/unload operation;
  • compressor sequencing controls;
  • dew point controls on desiccant dryers;
  • 2-stage air compressors;
  • cycling or thermal mass dryers;
  • receiver tanks;
  • flow controllers;
  • heat recovery for space or process water preheating;
  • eliminating poor end uses such as open blowing;
  • end use pressure reduction.


  • variable speed drives to replace control valves for flow control;
  • match pump and system requirements to operate at best efficiency point;
  • elimination of recirculation or bypass loops;
  • minimize pressure losses with larger pipe sizes;
  • end use pressure reduction.


  • variable speed drives to replace outlet damper control for flow control;
  • match fan and system requirements to operate at best efficiency point;
  • eliminate restrictive ductwork fittings and at fan inlet and outlet.

Industrial refrigeration systems

  • variable speed drives for compressors, evaporators and condenser fans;
  • control upgrades to optimize operation of compressors, evaporators and condensers;
  • floating head pressure control;
  • oversized condensers;
  • thermo siphon oil cooling;
  • purgers for non-condensables;
  • recover heat from refrigerant vapour leaving compressor;
  • end use temperature increases.

Energy management systems

  • control demand by turning equipment off or resetting process control points.