Small pump variable speed drive incentive

A variable speed drive (VSD) can improve pump system efficiency and reduce energy costs in variable load (volume or flow) conditions. Pumps are estimated to consume up to 25% of all industrial electrical energy.

Small pumps are commonly replaced to maintain design without consideration for your system requirements, which can result in inefficiencies and increased maintenance. A VSD controls the speed of the pump to match system demand. The system becomes more efficient and reduces your energy and maintenance costs.


Install a qualifying VSD and get a rebate of $100 for each horsepower (HP) up to 20 HP. You will receive your rebate in the form of a cheque when the project is completed. Both new installations and retrofits are eligible to apply for the incentive.

Demand and energy savings must be verifiable by a Manitoba Hydro representative.


Manitoba Hydro customers who replace a control valve with a VSD are eligible.

We must approve your project application prior to purchase or installation of a VSD. To qualify for the rebate, your pumping system design must meet these specifications:

  • electric motor driven centrifugal pump;
  • 20 HP motor nameplate or less;
  • operate more than 3,000 hours per year;
  • base control system that consists of:
    • pressure/flow reducing valve or other device (restriction control);
    • pressure/flow recirculation valve or other device (diversion control);
    • other control system (describe in application).

A new VSD replacing an existing functional or non-functional VSD is not eligible. Third parties cannot apply for a customer or receive the rebate.

How to take part

Before you purchase the VSD, complete the Small Pump VSD Initiative Project Implementation Incentive Application (PDF, 176 KB). We will confirm the status of your application. Your application is subject to eligibility review.

You must obtain all necessary zoning, building, electrical, environmental, and other permits and licenses necessary for the project at your own cost.

Demand and energy savings must be verifiable by a Manitoba Hydro representative. Industry reliability guidelines recommend limiting facility harmonic distortion. As a performance guarantee, have your supplier ensure your VSD meets the interconnection requirements of our Power Quality Specification PQS2000.

Install the equipment within 1 year after the incentive application is approved. Once installed, submit:

After submissions are received and processed, a rebate cheque will be mailed to you.

Submit documents:

  • Email;
  • Fax 204-360-6109;
  • Mail
    Manitoba Hydro
    Performance Optimization Program
    Attention: Small Pump VSD Initiative
    360 Portage Ave. (7)
    Winnipeg MB R3C 0G8.